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Welcome to our cyber library. Here you will find numerous articles and opinion pieces on various aspects of cyber security within financial services. There is information, tips, alerts and advice for financial advisers, accountants, licensees and superannuation funds. For any further information or queries, please contact us HERE.

The Kamino Cyber Security Survey report

In October 2017, we surveyed the financial services industry – in particular financial advisers, accountants and superannuation funds, in order to gather insight on cyber security within these sectors. The results are revealed in this survey report.

Are you doing enough to protect your clients’ data?

According to our Managing Director Julian Plummer, advisers need to be like Johnny Cash when it comes to information security. Find out why here via Netwealth.

The internet never forgets

The recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal has taught us that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

In the wake of millions of individuals’ personal data and privacy being abused, it’s important to shed light on the fact that just because an application is free doesn’t mean it isn’t costing you anything.

Protecting Data held on third-party devices

Security breaches are happening at an increasing rate around the globe, some affecting billions of people.

What are your responsibilities as a financial planner or accountant, to ensure that your data in the cloud is safe?

Julian Plummer explains here –

“What if I suffer a cyber breach?”

Right now the average cyber attack on a small to medium business costs approximately $690,000.

In this article we detail everything you need to know about what happens in the wake of a cyber security attack, what potential damage it can have on your business and what you can do to minimise the risk . . .

Top security threats to financial services in 2018

If you are a small to medium business, how is cyber security relevant to you?

Here we list and explain the top 5 security threats for small to medium financial services businesses this year.

“Detect, understand and respond!”

Uh-oh! ASIC shifts its focus to Licensee’s cyber security.

Here we detail exactly how ASIC aims to monitor the cyber security of Licensees. . .

Top five cyber security tips

Here you will find in detail, our top five cyber security tips for financial advice and accounting practices.

Things from basic password management to staff training and education can make all the difference in a small to medium business. . .


Take data breach laws seriously 

Our Managing Director – Julian Plummer urges the financial services industry to take the data breach privacy act seriously in 2018.

In this article you will find details concerning how the laws are changing and how your business will be affected by this.

Black hats fuel planning emergency

Our Managing Director – Julian plummer details how hackers currently targeting self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and they are using financial planners, brokers and fund managers as a way into those SMSFs. . .

Kamino performs live hack on stage at AFA conference 

Julian Plummer – Managing Director of Kamino completed a live hack involving a clone ASIC website in a publicity stunt raising awareness of cyber security threats facing financial advisers – as reported in Adviser Innovation.

Cyber insurance – what you need to know 

As business increasingly moves online, it’s becoming more important to ensure the safety of your online assets.

Here are Kamino’s tips on what to think about when choosing a cyber insurance policy.

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