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The digitisation of financial services has made many aspects of running a business easier, but with this also comes an increased risk when it comes to protecting your systems, data and personal client information.

Feeling concerned? We understand. In fact, that is exactly why we decided to launch Kamino. You have enough to deal with. Let us deal with this on your behalf.


What services do we provide?


Small to medium sized businesses often don’t have the resources or time to allocate to cyber security. Our services are specifically tailored for the small to medium business within financial services, to alleviate your security concerns. Let us look after all of your cyber security needs, or help you with the burning question at hand.



If you don’t know what your critical assets are, how can you manage that risk? This is where we can help. We scan your systems, website and external facing IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities, reporting back to you of common weaknesses found within them. This is vital in your first steps to planning and implementing a cyber security plan.

We also undertake vulnerability assessments and penetration tests on specified assets. We will find and measure the severity of vulnerabilities and report to you the list of vulnerabilities prioritised by severity. (Take note Fintechs!)



For comprehensive protection, Kamino provides you with the latest security technologies and a team of security professionals who look after your network 24/7. Our team is always on the lookout for the latest threats and informs your in time before the waves hit. Our all rounded protection and specialist services are specifically designed for small and medium business to keep your data safe.



Cyber security is a specialised business. While we understand that many of you may have internal IT teams, these personnel often do not have the expertise in cyber security and rarely have dedicated cyber security resources.

Whether you need guidance in simple areas such as virus protection and cyber insurance or industry standard education and processes, Kamino can help.



Human error is the largest contributor to cyber incidents within financial services. Most of the time, even well-intentioned staff aren’t equipped with the right knowledge and skills to deal appropriately with a potential cyber threat.

Kamino prides ourselves on our Cyber Employee Education Program and offers all levels of training for employers and employees of financial services businesses.

For more information on training topics, sessions, and seminars, please click HERE.




Sometimes, even if all appropriate protections and processes are in place, you still may experience a cyber attack.

In the unfortunate event of a cyber security incident, Kamino is your best first point of call when it comes to your incident response plan.

Please give us a call immediately if you experience a cyber security breach.


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