tailoured specifically to the financial services industry


Uniquely to many other industries, accountants and financial advisers hold and have access to their clients financial, insurance and medical data – a distinctive combination that makes you a prime target for cyber criminals.
This makes it essential to safeguard your systems, the same way you safeguard your client’s capital. Sounds like yet another costly and tedious thing to worry about, right? Not necessarily.
Although typical penetration & vulnerability tests can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars, Kamino has made sure that advisers and accountants have access to affordable and effective cyber resilience.


Cyber security for Licensees has gone from ‘nice to have’ to necessity. Being obligated to have enough resources to “protect confidential and other information” means not only do you have ensure that your head office is in order, but that each of the authorised representatives under your license are protecting themselves from the risks that will consequently put your AFSL in danger. This is where we can help.


Kamino can do a full audit of your and your representatives’ systems, helping you to understand what your weaknesses are and how to rectify them. The increased focus on the digitsation of advice has brought an overwhelming increase in information security risk. Let us worry about that so you don’t have to.


As the bedrock of the Australian financial system and the largest asset that Australians have when they retire, Superannuation is arguably one of the most important facets of our county’s financial services sector. The amount of information stored on your registry systems and CRM is ever growing and with digital transformation being the top priority for so many funds, it has become essential to protect both your member’s assets and data from cyber criminals who are intent on doing harm.
Your core value proposition is trust. That trust includes safeguarding information from online threats. With increased automation of online hacking it’s become harder for super funds must be on guard to protect their most valuable asset. Let us worry about that so you don’t have to.


As a Fintech or a start-up, you are always racing towards the next release, if anyone understand that we do. It’s an arms race for functionality, and a result cyber security can often fall by the wayside. But the security of your digital product is imperative to its success.

We have services which are appropriately tailored and priced for start-ups who naturally don’t have the budget the big end of town may have.

As recognised technology and cyber security providers to advisers, accountants, superannuation funds, licensees and banks, we believe meeting the Kamino cyber security standards will be of great advantage to your business.

Kamino provides standard vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to Fitnechs and start-ups.

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